Friday, September 12, 2008


We're talking about putting d into mother's morning out in the spring for one day a week. It would be a few hours, once a week.
We've always agreed that when he is 4, he'll go to preschool 2-3 days a week. Well, that would be next August and I thought it might be nice if he could start in the same school in the spring as he would in the fall.
I'm not really interested in mother's morning out for preschool. I want it to be an actual preschool with certified teachers, a curriculum, etc.
In my area, private schools are some of the only that offer this.
I got really excited about one yesterday. Really excited! It looks fabulous.

Then I found out how much tuition is.

$3,430 for TWO DAYS A WEEK. That's $343 a month. Every month, for 10 months.

Are you freaking kidding me? I'm not paying almost 4k for PRESCHOOL! That would have paid for a semester of college at the state school I went to.

4K. For preschool. I seriously cannot wrap my head around this.


CAQuincy said...

That's a SIN.

My day care provider had a master's in eled--she provided preschool lessons to the kids EVERY DAY. I didn't have to pay anything extra but the reasonable rate she charged for daycare.

WHO DO THESE PEOPLE THINK THEY ARE? I am completely flabergasted.

(I think one of the local ones around here is about $1000 cheaper than that--and I STILL think that's way too freaking much!)

Mommy Daisy said...

REdiculous! My husband is adament about sending my son to preschool when he's old enough. I don't really see the point of preschool. At that I have serious problems with all day/every day kindergarten (which is what all the schools around here do). But I think if I show him that number right there, he'll suddenly be on my side. ;)

jen said...

ugh. Some areas do pre-k as part of public school (read: free)

Everyone's pushing me to put L in preschool. Maybe some of them will be willing to pay for it too!

But I agree with you. If I send her, it'll be school. Not day care.

Jess said...

That is SO MUCH MONEY. And for only two days a week?! Highway robbery!

Let's see.... said...

I know I work outside the home and would have to pay for something anyway, so I have a different perspective - but I pay twice that for five days a week at a montessori pre-school. It's a ton of money, but in my opinion and experience over the last year well, well worth - especially if you truly love the school. What better use of money than education? Might be unpopular, but just my 2 cents fwiw :)

Marie Green said...

Wow, I'm not even going to TELL you what we paid here, but it was SO MUCH less than that. I guess there are a FEW things that are good about living in such a small town!

Giselle said...

Ouch! That is oppressive!

As far as pre-school in general, just keep in mind that Kindergarten is not like it was when we were kids. It is now like 1st grade was...because of the lovely standardized testing (Thank you, No Child Left Behind!!!). So if you want what used to be Kindergarten, you kind of have to send them to Pre-school. Of course, most parents have the skills to do that kind of curriculum themselves...I still don't think you "need" preschool if you are dedicated to teaching your child yourself.

I would have a very hard time sending my child for that cost. My child went 2 days a week last year and we paid $160 a month. Which was kind of middle of the road for preschools around here.

d e v a n said...

giselle - I'm actually a kinder teacher (or was - in my life before kids) so I know how it is now.

I should have clarified that I really think d needs to learn the structure of school before we throw him into all day kinder. That's what we're after with preschool.
He is already starting to read and can write very well. He's so super smart - and I think I would think that even if I weren't his mother.
Maybe not, I could just be blinded. Anyway, I think I could teach him all he needed to know academically, but I feel he needs preschool to learn about the structure and sitting STILL and listening to his teacher. I am hoping to make that transition to Kinder smoother. Which is why I thought 2-3 days of preschool a week would help. But, even if we could afford that (we can't!) I don't think I could stomach it.

Maren - I LOVE Montessori schools. That is my next school to check into. :) I think you should do what you want to do and I know J is doing great there.

d e v a n said...

giselle - didn't mean that to sound snotty, though it might have. I said it with a smile and head shake - like "Wow - it really has changed so much."
See? :)

J. said...

Whoa, that is steep. I can't imagine. At our preschool (a co-op one) it's just $95 a month for 3 mornings a week...and you're's not about learning letters and numbers (most of the kids know all this already--what were we doing back when we were that young??? I must have been a slacker--LOL), but it's about learning "school behavior" and expectations...I think d would have a blast and I hope you find the right school for him, one that isn't $4,000 a year...

Giselle said...

I didn't think you sounded snotty...I just didn't realize what you did in your "past life" :) I know a lot of my friends were shocked when their kiddos started Kindergarten and realized they are sitting at desks all day with only 15 minutes to play.

I hope you find something that isn't so expensive. Ugh...and then multiply that by 3 kids...yuck.

Astarte said...

WHAT?!?! Patrick's prek program was montessori, run by amazing people, and it was $310/mo for FIVE days a week, three hours a day!!!! Holy crap!!!! Who do those people think they are?!?!

I agree that prek is essential, since after helping out in Josie's K class years ago it was painfully obvious which children hadn't gone, both intellectually and socially, but still, that's just plain ridiculous.

Swistle said...

It's the same here. And I have twins. So they're not going to preschool.

Kristen Trowbridge said...

That is an outrage. I'm thinking about sending paiten to 4k at a catholic school in town. I don't think it is more than $350 a month. And right now I pay 300 for her daycare a month. So not too much difference. I hope you can find something because education is so important at this age. You already know that!

Kristen Trowbridge said...
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desperate housewife said...

Yeah, we inquired about a daycare program around here for Addy a few mornings a week, and it was going to be about seventy five dollars a week. I thought that was a bit steep considering it wasn't even pre-k, just BLOCKS and PLAYGROUND and story circle and stuff.
But I still think we've got to do something to help her prepare for school, because around here there's no transition, it's just all day every day kindergarten.

beachgirl said...

WOW! The preschool I had K and P in was $150 a month for 3 days a week, 3 hours a day.

Having been a kindergarten teacher you probably have your own feelings on the subject but K and P's Kinder teacher said that while it was obvious at first which kids had attended preschool/daycare after the first 9 weeks you couldn't tell who had/hadn't. The reason I put mine in was that there weren't any other kids in the neighborhood that were home during the day and I thought they'd enjoy it. They did.:)

Keri said...

I am never leaving Florida. 4 year olds get FREE VPK ... 5 days a week, half days. Right now Cameron does MMO on a first come first serve $15/morning and Church "sunday school" on Sunday mornings and thursday evenings. I can not imagine 4k. Can't imagine.